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School Uniform
from Stevensons

School Uniform is worn by pupils in Remove to Shell (years 7-11) and can be purchased from Stevensons.

  • Stevensons

    Shop: 245 Banbury Rd, Oxford, OX2 7HN
    Telephone: (0)1727 815 700

  • Useful information

    Woven name tapes can be purchased as a voucher code via Stevensons for one of their suppliers or direct from the internet. These will need to be hand sewn onto garments. 

    Free delivery of uniform to the school can be arranged. Parents are reminded to order clothes and name tapes well in advance of the term for which they are needed.

    Everything brought to school must be in good repair and clearly marked with the owner’s initials and family name. Boarders’ clothes and all P.E. kit are checked at the beginning of term, but unmarked items slip in after weekends at home, during term. It would help the school enormously if you could make sure that ALL clothes (uniform and mufti) taken to school by both day pupils and boarders have labels sewn on where they can be easily identified.

    School and sports shoes should be named with indelible ink.

  • School Uniform

    If a pupil wears a skirt, the uniform is:  

    • Green check skirt
    • Either: white long-sleeved open neck blouse
    • Or: short sleeved open neck blouse
    • Black V-neck jumper with school logo
    • Black eco blazer with school logo
      (to be worn daily)
    • Black puffer jacket with school logo

    If a pupil wears trousers, the uniform is:

    • Black trousers (available in boy or girl fit)
    • Either: white shirt with collar and black / green striped tie
    • Or: white open neck long-sleeved blouse
    • Black V-neck jumper with school logo
    • Black eco blazer with school logo (to be worn daily)
    • Black puffer jacket with school logo

    Please note: pupils are no longer able to wear their own coats.

    In addition, pupils are required to wear:

    • Black leather flat heeled shoes
    • Black tights or black socks

    Puffer jackets, outdoor clothing and P.E. kit should be left in the cloakrooms. Make up, hair colouring, nail varnish and excessive jewellery are not permitted
    with school uniform. Please refer to the uniform policy for further details.


    • Pencil case and writing equipment including a pen, no ink eradicator. It is not allowed in public examinations
    • School bag named on the outside
    • Musical instrument case (suitable to protect instrument)
    • Water bottle (can be purchased from school)

    All clothing and equipment must be clearly named.

  • PE Uniform

    P.E. Uniform:

    Pupils must have the following items: 

    • Waterproof jacket – with school logo (unisex)
    • Wychwood School hoodie – black / green hoodie with school logo (unisex)
    • White / green technical sports polo with school logo (unisex)
    • Green knee high socks for winter sports (unisex)
    • White ankle sports socks for summer sports
    • White baselayer (optional) 


    One of the following: 

    • Black skort with school logo
    • Black shorts with school logo (boys fit)
    • Black shorts with school logo (girls fit)


    One of the following: 

    • Black tracksuit bottoms – outdoor P.E. (unisex)
    • Black leggings with school name (girls)


    For Remove (Year 7), Inters (Year 8) and LTs (Year 9):

      • Black swimming suit or trunks and white swimming hat
      • Swimming towel and swimming bag
      • Swimming goggles



    P.E. Equipment

    • Indoor trainers – non-marking (compulsory)
    • Outdoor trainers – running trainers suitable for astroturf, not fashion trainers (compulsory) 
    • Boots – rugby/football (compulsory)
    • Holdall (optional)
    • Hockey stick (compulsory)
    • Shin pads (compulsory)
    • Mouth guard (compulsory)
    • Tennis racquet (optional, can be borrowed from the school)
    • Water bottle


    Additional information for P.E. uniform:

    • Pupils must provide a school bag for P.E. kit or purchase the school holdall
    • All other P.E. items must be labelled, including socks and indoor and outdoor trainers
    • House badges and colours must be sewn to the side of the school logo
  • Wychwood Sixth

    Pupils in Wychwood Sixth do not wear school uniform. They should wear smart casual clothing of their own choice. 

    They also need to have one set of smart clothes to wear for formal occasions (Open Mornings, Carol Service, etc.). The school reserves the right to ask pupils to return home to change if the pupil’s choice is inappropriate.

    Wychwood Sixth (Years 12 and 13) limited P.E. uniform:

    • Wychwood School hoodie – black / green hoodie with school logo (compulsory) 
    • White / green technical sports polo with school logo (compulsory)
    • Black leggings / shorts / skort / tracksuit bottoms (outdoor P.E.) – choice of own items or Wychwood School items
    • Trainers – running trainers suitable for astroturf, not fashion trainers (compulsory) 
    • Mouth guard (compulsory) 

Second Hand Uniform

The Friends of Wychwood (FoW) operates a second hand uniform service. All uniform is sold via email requests or can be purchased at second hand uniform sales. Second hand uniform can be sold at any point during the school year to pupils arriving at very short notice or mid-term who require urgent supplies of school uniform. For further information or any ad-hoc uniform requests, please email



  • Purchases

    Second hand uniform items are sold according to our guidelines, namely, that items are in good condition – not faded, no threads, no stains, no hemming, no repairs, no holes. Prices are set at 50% of the Stevensons’ full price uniform list.

  • Online Orders

    Please fill in the online order form and email

    Please note we cannot guarantee that we have sufficient stock in the sizes and items you may require. Prompt ordering will give you a greater chance of securing items. Your order will be left at the school office for collection and you will be informed by email when it is ready and what the final cost is. Payment should be made via bank transfer to the bank details at the bottom of the order form. Please do not make payments until the order is finalised. 

    Please note that whilst we make every effort to check the quality of clothes, we ask that you carefully check the quality and fit of all items. If you have any queries please contact

  • Donating your Second Hand Uniform

    We always welcome donations of second hand uniform.

    Proceeds of the sale of second hand uniform items go directly towards the purchase of items requested by pupils at the school and for the benefit of the whole school community.

    Please ensure that donated items are:

    Clean – we would like items that are washed and in good, saleable condition. Items too faded, stained or worn out will be donated to charity. Please remove any existing name tags though please do ensure that size tags are not removed in the process. If names have been put on in ink please blot them out if possible.

    Logistics – Please leave all clothes for sale at the school office during school hours and email so that FoW can collect your donated items.