School Life

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

The pastoral care and wellbeing of our pupils has always been an absolute priority at Wychwood. Our holistic approach to education means that we appreciate the nuanced links between the pastoral and the academic development of our pupils. We know them and they know and come to trust those that support them. As such, visitors comment on the warm, familial feeling they experience as they visit the school. 

We value our sense of community and our pastoral care draws upon pupil and staff support within it. Our aim is that in a modern and challenging world, the sense of care and support is at the heart of every pupil’s experience.

Providing a happy environment

Form tutors, progress tutors, boarding and teaching staff are all involved in pastoral care so that every child has several staff from whom they could receive support, if required. There is also a Senior Pastoral team, a School Counsellor and an Independent Person. In addition, there is also pastoral support between pupils (house parent, house siblings as well as Head Councillors and Citizens) who can also provide support and enrich their lives still further.

Ultimately, we look to provide a happy environment in which to educate and support our pupils. Experience here at Wychwood has shown this to be the essential foundation upon which real learning, both academic achievement and personal understanding, can take place.