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At Wychwood it is important to us that our girls reach their potential in a happy and caring environment. The advantage of our small class sizes is that staff are very good at identifying any barriers that maybe preventing this and impacting on both their academic performance and their self-esteem. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to support – each  girl is different and so too should be their support

We offer 1:1 support lessons and from time to time in class support from specialists in dyslexia, mathematics and study skills. Our support staff are flexible in their approach and work closely with subject teachers and pastoral staff to ensure that lessons are effective and appropriate to individual needs. Termly reports are sent to keep parents up to date with progress and communication is actively encouraged.

The SENDCo can arrange assessments with a qualified Educational Psychologist who has a close relationship with the school and if necessary representations can be made to examination boards for special access arrangements. It is important that all pupils with access arrangements are comfortable with them and they are reviewed throughout their time at Wychwood. We understand that needs change as girls mature and it is important to us that their voice is heard and that we have the right support in place by the time they sit public examinations.

An Individual Education Plan (also known as a Pupil Profile) is written by the SENDCo once a specific learning difficulty or issue has been identified. This details levels of support and recommends strategies for in class and at home to help your daughter. This is shared with staff, parents and pupils (where appropriate) and is reviewed regularly. Feedback from girls and parents is encouraged.

Being a teenager can be an anxious and emotional time and staff pride themselves in knowing their students. Sometimes help is needed from outside organisations and we work hard to accommodate this. We also have a qualified School Counsellor with whom the girls can meet should the need arise.