A Love for Learning

At Wychwood, we enrich the pupils’ education through creative approaches to our learning styles and empower the pupils to face challenge ‘head on’ with confidence. We aspire to instil a sincere love for learning that they will enjoy throughout their lives.

We lay the foundations in the younger years for subject knowledge and understanding with all pupils studying a broad and varied curriculum. As the pupils move through the school creativity, curiosity and resilience flourish as pupils develop as learners.

Active learning is important and pupils are encouraged to do rather than simply read about others doing.

We strongly believe it is the academic progress that each individual makes which is vital and the individual, tailored and personalised education which is offered to each pupil that enables each one to aspire to their dreams and achieve more than they thought possible. 

I really enjoy the interactive lessons and sometimes we look into things in 3D. 

Our academic approach

Academic progress is most easily achieved when pupils are happy and feel safe in their environment.

To complement our academic approach to learning, we ensure that pupil’s personal development opportunities are rich and varied, enabling confidence to be developed and an understanding by each pupil that it is fine to get things wrong. We support them in learning how to keep trying when things are difficult.

Resilience is key in education, the pupils will face a fast-changing world outside of Wychwood and they need to be ready to face that change, adapt their plans and be creative in their approach. This, alongside leadership skills development ensures our pupils are ready for the world and the experiences ahead.

I definitely feel as though Wychwood encourages my personal development. I feel as though my progress has been recognised and this makes me feel seen.

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