Boarding Life

It’s such a unique school, I feel there is nowhere quite like it.

Activities for all

At weekends, we have a rota system for the teaching staff to organise a variety of activities for the full boarders to enjoy. Day pupils can also join in these activities. This allows the pupils the chance to get to know one another socially out of the classroom environment.

Activities can be school based (treasure hunts, handball, taskmaster, making pyjamas, puzzles, chocolate crafting, garden games, concocting mocktails, making Christmas and Chinese New Year decorations) or in the Oxford area (cinema, skating, museums, murder mystery tours, bowling, horse riding, climbing, trampolining, mini golf and escape rooms are but a few of the options).

Shopping and
growing together

Twice a year, a major activity is organised, one of which is a trip to a Christmas market or shopping (Windsor, Winchester, Bath, Birmingham) and one to a theme park when the weather is good!

The pupils are also given the chance to go shopping together in town, with the juniors always in groups and the seniors permitted to go on their own if they wish. When the pupils leave the school premises they are individually signed out and when they return they must sign in with whoever is on duty. We establish routines and rules for the pupils and ensure that they understand that these checks are for their benefit, as well as ours, to ensure their safety in a city environment.