Beyond Wychwood

The next steps

Many of our pupils move from Wychwood to a university or an art college, but pupils also take on a variety of internships or choose to qualify ‘on the job’ in such areas as accountancy and finance, nursing, and of course as entrepreneurs. Some pupils also move directly into the workplace and in recent years have assumed positions in early years teaching and with prestigious local estate agents.

The pupils are encouraged during their time in Wychwood Sixth to organise work experience and to understand the areas of interest they have through independent research, career talks, and the biennial University Fairs and Careers Fairs, supported by Wychwood alumnae.

Much individual support is given by a dedicated staff UCAS team in year 13 (Study II) following an introduction to next steps, apprenticeships and the UCAS process during General Studies week in the Trinity term of year 12 (Study I). However, discussions on next steps happen as early as necessary thanks to the progress tutor system, allowing bespoke support for individuals throughout their time in Wychwood Sixth.

As well as striving for popular and competitive degree courses such as natural science, modern foreign languages, History, English, medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science, alumnae have also become aerialists, artists, gallery directors, stand up comedians, authors, actors, charity workers, film-makers and animators. Whatever a pupil’s passion, we are there to support their dreams and ambitions.