The best part of boarding is always being able to spend time with your friends, there’s never a dull moment!

A variety of
boarding options

We are delighted to be able to offer our pupils a variety of boarding options to suit the needs of the pupils and their families. Full boarding (a break to be taken at half term), weekly boarding (Monday to Friday) and occasional boarding (one or two nights during the week on a regular or adhoc basis).

Of paramount importance is the need to provide boarders with a secure, safe and happy community in which they can flourish. This includes making friends, having some personal freedom to grow, to mature and develop as individuals, whilst having the security of knowing there are others close by. Boarding allows the pupils to reach an understanding that there are rules in life and guidelines imposed, and these must be considered when making decisions. 

Being part of an extended family

On their journey, they find that the boarding community is a place where the occasional mistake and wrong decision can be made safely and lessons learned. This allows the pupils to grow in good judgement, tolerance, moral awareness and to understand the importance of empathy and sensitivity when working and living with others. Our boarding community encourages the pupils to enjoy being part of an extended family with a sense of belonging, knowing that they are accepted as individuals, that their successes will be celebrated and their problems shared.

From my own personal experience, I have boarded in different places, been a day pupil, yet Wychwood gives me a place where it feels like home.

Boarding Houses
We have two boarding houses:
The House – Senior boarding house
2&4 – Junior boarding house
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Boarding Life
At weekends, we have a rota system for the teaching staff to organise a variety of activities for the full boarders to enjoy.
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