About us

Head’s Welcome

I am delighted to have joined Wychwood School as Head at such an exciting time in the school’s 125 year history. With private investment now in place, we are able to confidently look ahead with a strong, new vision for the future. Since September 2022 I have had the pleasure of working with an incredibly talented, dedicated staff and committed Board of Directors to shape this vision and I am looking forward to being able to implement changes which will have a positive impact on our young people, our staff and the wider community. Wychwood is one big family which celebrates individuality and nurtures potential for each pupil to make their mark in the world.

What can Wychwood School offer your child?

That was the question I asked myself before being appointed in September 2022. Well, I can certainly answer that question now. As you walk onto our site there is a sense of kind-heartedness, dynamism and positivity which pervades the classrooms, the boarding areas and every corner of our school. What underpins these qualities is the respect and care which can be seen between staff and pupils as well as within the pupil body itself.

Wychwood encourages every pupil to be ambitious, aspirational and creative. Challenging and supporting each and every one to find creative ways to solve problems, explore and develop their curiosity and providing the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities.  

Wychwood is one big family which celebrates individuality and nurtures potential for each pupil to make their mark in the world. 

The multifaceted curriculum and after school activities they have received from Wychwood school have really enriched their life – the difference in them is like a miracle.

Within every school, there has to be a high expectation to achieve academic goals and to find the value-added in every pupil. Our goal is to enable every pupil to discover how to learn, how to find innovative approaches or solutions, whether in the classroom or in social situations through nurturing and encouragement. This builds resilience, raises confidence and encourages teamwork, which we believe prepares the pupils for the multifaceted, fast-changing world in which they live.

Whether a pupil’s interest lies in the performing or creative arts, sport, science, modern languages or music (or the many other areas we offer), our dedicated staff offer an extensive extra-curricular programme in a variety of areas to help unlock and discover their talents, learn new skills, develop their creative thinking and leadership skills.

At Wychwood, we encourage the pupil voice and expect the pupils to be involved in as many aspects of the school’s direction as possible. This is a collaborative school which nurtures skills building in entrepreneurship, creative thought and innovation. Why don’t you come and visit us – I would be so pleased to share our exciting school with you.

Mrs Jane Evans