eco schools green flag with distinction award

We are delighted to announce that Wychwood pupils have helped the school earn an international accreditation, which recognises their amazing work in making Wychwood more environmentally friendly and in helping to promote eco-awareness. 

The Eco Schools programme was established in 1994 and is now delivered in more than 70 countries across the globe. More than 1 million pupils attended an Eco School in England between 2022 – 2023. 

Pupils at Wychwood formed WEco (Wychwood Eco club) last year to conduct an environmental review to assess how eco-friendly the school is. They reviewed everything from biodiversity within the school grounds to how pupils and staff members travel to school. Drawing upon their findings, pupils then planned a year of action designed to advance the school’s green credentials, improve the environment and protect our planet. 

The WEco team connected their work to 3 Eco Schools topics: biodiversity, healthy living, and the school grounds. The entire Wychwood team played a part in helping to secure this award because, as a school community, everyone tries their best to  make our world a better place from engaging with local primary schools on sustainability to planting new trees in the Amazon. 

This academic year, Wychwood has many action points that they would like to carry on with such as creating a forest garden, a hedgehog highway, a pond and a composting area, as well as improving their hydroponic garden and installing wildlife cameras and birdboxes. They also want to collect rainwater and improve the school’s carbon footprint and air quality.

Well done to everyone who was involved in helping to secure  this fantastic award.