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Daygirls£6,545 per term (incl. of morning buns, lunch and prep) (£19,635 per year)
Weekly Boarders£9,440 per term (£28,320 per year)
Full Boarders - UK£11,235 per term (£33,705 per year)
Full Boarders - Overseas£12,168 per term (£36,504 per year)

Discounts available for daughters of serving members of HM Armed Forces, siblings and Wychwood Association Old Girls. Please contact the Admissions team for further details.

Additional Charges per term 2022/2023

Occasional overnight Boarding charge£75 per night
Art and Textiles (GCSE and A Level)£40 per term
Individual Music Lessons£33.50 per lesson
Hire of School Musical Instrument£35 per term
Learning Support Lessons£50 per hour
EAL (English as an Additional Language) Lessons£50 per hour


Fees are subject to annual review.

Fees should be paid by the FIRST day of term. Please note a surcharge will be charged monthly on overdue fees.

Entrance to the school requires a deposit of £500, which will increase to £1,000 for entrance in September 2022 onwards, or £15,000 for overseas students when a place has been offered and accepted. This is not refundable until the end of a girl’s final term at Wychwood.

Due to regulations concerning money laundering we cannot accept cash payments of school fees. All fees have to be paid by cheque, banker’s draft or bank transfer. Small amounts for extras, trip deposits etc can be accepted in cash.