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Wychwood Weekly

Michaelmas Term 2020

Week 8: 5th November 2020>

Week 7: 22nd October 2020>

Study I Parents: Parents Evening
UT Parents: Progress Sheets
Remove, Inters and LTs Parents: Lower School Assessments
All Parents: FoW Winter Walk
All Parents: Careers Virtual Event
Remove, Inters and LTs Parents: Concurrent Learning

Week 6: 15th October 2020>

Shell parents: Shell Taster Day
Remove-Shell parents: PE Update
Remove parents: Oxfordshire Cricket

Week 5: 8th October 2020 >

All parents and students: FoW Winter Walk
All parents and students: FoW Christmas Celebration
Remove parents:  Flu Parent Letter
Remove and Inters parents: Parents’ Evening

Week 4: 1st October 2020 >

All parents: Performing Arts Evening
Returning students: MIDYIS and ALIS testing
Shell parents: Shell Parents’ Evening

Week 3: 24th September 2020 >

All parents: A letter from Mr Holland
Remove and Inters: Parents’ Evenings

Week 2: 17th September 2020 >

All parents: Key Parents’ Evening and Reporting Dates
All parents: Introduction to the Friends of Wychwood
Remove and Inters: Bonding Day
Shell: Parents’ Evening
Shell: Lockdown Catch Up Curriculum

Week 1: 10th September 2020 >

All parents: Annual Permissions Form
All parents: Annual Medical Form
All parents: Water Bottles

Hilary Term 2020

Michaelmas Term 2019

Week 14: 12th December >

Lower Transits: Parents’ Evening
Shell: Parents’ Evening
Shell: Work Experience
Study II: Parents’ Evening

Week 13: 5th December >

All parents: Green Gates Carols
Lower Transits: GCSE Options and Parents’ Evening
Lower Transits: GCSE Options Brochure
Shell: Mock Examinations 2020

Week 12: 28th November >

All parents: Ecobricks
Remove to Lower Transits: Mini WychMUN
Inters to Shell: Netball Tour: Disneyland Paris 5th – 9th April 2020 going ahead and place available

Week 11: 21st November >

All parents: Whole School Sleepover
Parents of MUN Delegates: MUNTH 2019
Upper Transits and Shell: Visit to London Central Mosque and St Paul’s Cathedral
Shell and Study: Philosophy Plus Science Taster Day

Week 10: 14th November >

All parents: Cancellation of Senior Play
All parents: Primary School Day of Languages
Remove and Inters: Social with MCS – postponed

Week 9: 7th November >

All parents: Invitation to A Night of Music
All parents: Money Mules
All parents: Modern Anti Slavery Charity Event
Upper Transits to Study II: Chemistry Conference: Elements of Everything

Week 8: 24th October >

All parents: Wingfield Digby Lecture
All parents: Gingerbread House Competition
Remove, Inters and Lower Transits: Word Mania
Remove, Inters and Lower Transits: Academic Information
Lower Transits: Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award
Upper Transits and Shell Drama and Boarders: Theatre Trip to Six

Week 7: 17th October >

All parents: The Branch
Lower Transits: Visit to Synagogue
Lower Transits: Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
Shell: 16+ Scholarship Applications
Study: Theatre Trip to Six

Week 6: 10th October >

All parents: Celebration Day
All parents: Heart Felt Tips Charity Appeal
Remove: Visit to Hindu Temple
Remove: Visit to Cartographers
Shell and Study II: Examination Access Arrangements

Week 5: 3rd October >

Lower Transits and GCSE Textiles: Knit and Stitch Show
Upper Transits: Wychwood Sixth Open Evening
Shell: Social with The Oratory
Shell: Wychwood Sixth Open Evening and Parents’ Evening

Week 4: 26th September >

All parents: ISC Response to Labour Party Conference Proposals to Abolish Independent Sector in Education
All parents: Letter to Non Labour MPs
All parents: Request for Raffle Prizes
Remove and Inters: Sheldonian Concert
Lower Transits: Bristol trip
Lower Transits to Study II: DofE Launch Meeting
Upper Transits and Shell Musicians: GCSE Music Day at Abingdon School
Upper Transits to Study I Geographers: Fieldtrip to Wales information

Week 3: 19th September >

All parents: The Year Ahead: Remove  Inters  Lower Transits  Upper Transits  Shell  Study I  Study II
Remove, Inters and Lower Transits: Young Voices
Lower and Upper Transits: Social with The Oratory
Shell Drama: Trip to watch Malory Towers
Shell to Study II: St Clare’s, Oxford Higher Education Fair: Tuesday 1st October
Study: Trip to watch Malory Towers
Study II English Literature: Trip to Aspects of Tragedy, an English in Action study day

Week 2: 12th September >

All parents: Parents’ Evening and Reports Dates
All parents: University and Futures Fair
All parents: Invitation to Macmillan Coffee Morning
Remove and Inters: Parents’ Evening
Study I: Parents’ Evening
Study II: Next Steps Evening

Week 1: 5th September >

All parents: Welcome to the new school year invitation: Remove  Inters  Lower Transits  Upper Transits  Shell  Study I  Study II
All parents: Annual Consent Form
All parents: Annual Medical Form
All parents: After School Activities and Prep this term
All parents: Mouthguards
All parents: Privacy Notice for pupils ? Privacy Notice for pupils under 13
All parents: Baseline Testing
Remove and Inters: Bonding Weekend Information