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Wychwood Sixth

What is the secret to Wychwood Sixth? Well, it is simple really: individual attention. Our numbers are such that even with what we consider a large cohort we really can get to know every single girl and work with their strengths to unlock their potential. But it is not just the academic work – although they do work hard – it is because we believe in a truly holistic education, so that what goes on outside the classroom is almost as formative as that within it.

Life in Wychwood Sixth means that girls have a considerable amount of freedom to organise their lives, both in and out of school. When girls are not in lessons they are allowed to leave school, be that to go into Oxford to visit a museum or gallery, or go to Summertown for a coffee with friends. Girls are also able to take advantage of a later start every Friday. Once a week, lessons do not start until 9.30am for girls in Wychwood Sixth allowing them to have a longer lie-in, should they choose it, for three days of the week. Girls do not wear school uniform but are expected to dress appropriately for a school day. They should wear clothes suitable for work, such as might be worn in an office, or as the staff wear for teaching.

Wychwood Sixth have a dedicated area consisting of four rooms where they can work, relax and make snacks. There are lockers, desks, kitchen area, comfortable seating, computers and a silent study area, all for the exclusive use of the Study girls. Boarders mostly have individual study bedrooms to which they can retreat to work or rest.

Within school Wychwood Sixth girls play an important role and every member will naturally assume some responsibility for the well-being of all. Traditionally Wychwood Sixth girls take part in and give their support to many school activities, and they are respected by those lower down the school as well as by all the staff.

One of the distinctive aspects of Wychwood is the school Council which is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school. During their time in Wychwood Sixth many girls are elected to be Councillors and to participate in the cooperative government of the school. This provides an opportunity to work together with the staff and to voice opinions in an atmosphere of discussion, debate and understanding.

We offer a unique, fulfilling and rewarding Sixth Form experience that is definitely cause for celebration and something to shout about – especially on Results Day!

The Education

A Levels remain the gold standard and Wychwood girls can choose a personalised portfolio to underpin their individual ambitions and interests. Our main offer is three and a half A Levels where the half refers to the Extended Project Qualification, an outstanding piece of individual research that offers superb preparation for the demands of university.

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Building the Community

We start the year with a Hub Challenge day when all of Wychwood Sixth take part in a number of team building challenges across the day. This is followed by a formal ‘Welcome to Wychwood Sixth’ dinner, and in this adult setting our girls can meet their teaching staff, academic and pastoral tutors, and socialise as a combined unit of Years 12 and 13. By this early stage in the year, any new girls are firmly assimilated and it is even possible to be involved in school management, as Councillors, through the School Council, which has been fundamental to Wychwood since its foundation in 1897. Another excuse for an annual dinner!

Extension and Enrichment

In addition to subject lessons, girls in Study are expected to attend other lessons and activities within the school week.

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