The Quarantimes June 2020

OLIVIA PASLEY Look to the rainbow WhenBorisJohnsonannouncedthatschools would be closing Wychwood School’s staff instantly started planning on how to continue our learning online. Lessons, assemblies and Teams meetings were all planned, and when we all left on March 20, we felt sure that would continue our learning properly at home. Our lastdayatWychwoodwasanemotional one. We all knew that we would not see each other for the next couple of months and whilst packing up our bags we decided to play hangman and a final game of speed. We then searched the basement for lost items knowing that in the next school year we wouldnotbereturningtothatbasementrather totheUT’s locker-roominthemainhouse.Our basement was full of whispers of laughter and tears of the past three years spent there. We laterwatchedthestudyvteachersnetball matchandhappilycheeredonwhoeverhadthe ball. When it was finally time to go, we didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. We hugged one last time, despite the coronavirus, and left the school for the safety of our homes. The next Monday we had our first online assembly. We didn’t knowwhat to expect. Over the weekendwe had been receiving continuous emails with class notebooks and a ‘remote learning folder’ to tell us what to do. As our head girl Anais said, “Whilst it is tempting to fixate on the limitations of online classrooms, we must allow ourselves the time for reflection on their merits. “Affirmative acts of kindness have transcended physical separation, our respect for one another has strengthened, our imaginations and resilience have flourished. Yes, we are physically separated, but we are far from detached. “Wychwood’s facilities may be temporarily closed, but the very essence of Wychwood is thriving more than ever. After all, Wychwood is the people: the girls, the teachers and the support staff.” Although we are missing each other during lockdown and we want to see our friends and teachers, we have stayed home and managed to stay in touch. We will continue to do so until schools reopen. Left: Wychwood’s rainbow for the NHS Photograph: MARISA THOMAS Inside Olivia Pasley Local News COVID-19 GRAPH OVERLOAD Why they are hard to read - and may be misleading Page 16 SOARING SOUNDS Let music help your imagination to take flight Page 26 LET THERE BE LIGHT The anti-corona machine shining 10bn times brighter than the sun Page 14 THE RE-IMAGINED OXFORD Page 18 Page 11 Page 4 Page 62 Page 12 Page 22