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Wychwood prides itself on educating distinctive, creative, determined, independent and resourceful girls for over 120 years who have gone on to make an impact in all walks of life around the world from science to art, from business to comedy, from music to teaching. We are proud of all of our alumnae’s achievements. 

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News / Events

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News of the school year at Wychwood can be found in annual The Elm Magazine. It is provided electronically here: Elm Magazine – enjoy turning the pages! Please contact if you would like a hard copy.

The most recent Wychwood news can be found at

You can follow Wychwood Old Girls on Facebook – simply search for The Wychwood School Association.

Wychwood Association Form Reps


In order to help get in touch with as many alumnae as possible, we have created an informal system of ‘Form Reps’ for each year group. If your year group is not represented and you are willing to become an alumnae ‘Form Rep’ please contact the Chair, Johanna Stephenson on or on 01865 848331.

1949Dorothy Barron (née Cleaver)
1956Yvonne Griffin (née Thomas)
1960Hannah Bichard (née Parsons)
1961Christina Swainson (née Welbourn)
1962Minette Struthers (née Wreford-Brown)
1964Judi Whymark (née Wood)
1966Polly Woolstone (née Keith-Lucas)
1968Sarah Slade (née Russell)
1970Gill Brooks (née Spencer)
1973Deborah Pluck (née Munsey)
1974Lindsay Chapman (née Campbell)
1975Johanna Stephenson (née Awdry)
1977Camilla Stephenson (née Awdry)
1979Claire Harvey (née Rowsell)
1982Lucinda Aubertin (née Norman)
1985Janice Booth-Salter (née Barker)
1987Sarah Plumridge (née Hunt)
1991Kate Lethaby (née Lewis)
1992Emily Barlow (née Barrett)
1993Freya Jones (née Richardson)
1997Jenny Anstee (née Lewis)
1998Katherine Gamblin (née Ladenburg)


President: Andrea Johnson (Headmistress)

Chair: Johanna Stephenson (Former FoW, Shell 1975)

Secretary: Camilla Stephenson (Shell 1977)

Treasurer: Rachel Page (Shell 1983)

Assistant Treasurer: Heather Simpson (Shell 1974)

Alumnae Relations Officer: Emma Davidson (Shell 1980)

Events Officers: Lizzie Peach (Shell 2011) and Emma Davidson (Shell 1980)

Social Media Officer: Claire Harvey (Shell 1979)

Archivist: Michèle Crawford (Former staff / current Governor)

Jo Arvanitis (Shell 2009)
Anna Casey-Woodward (Shell 2007)
Sue Clear (Former staff)
Alison Jones (Former staff)
Deborah Pluck (Chairman of the Board / Shell 1973)
Harriet Rudman-Hawkins (Shell 1974)
Wendy Scott  (Former Parent)

Emeritus members:
Judi Whymark (Shell 1964)

Ex officio:
Mike Holland (Director of Marketing and Admissions)

Update your Details

We want to keep in touch. You can use the Wychwood Association Network and register or update your details here Wychwood Association Login Page.

Alternatively, if you have any problems or would like to speak to someone directly, please do get in touch with Johanna Stephenson, Chair, Wychwood Association at or on 01865 848331 or with your Form Rep.

Contact us

The Wychwood Association is run by volunteers for everyone with a past connection with the school, whether alumnae, former members of staff or parents of former pupils. Please contact Johanna Stephenson, Chair (Shell 1975) at or on 01865 848331 if you have any questions or would like to get involved.

Form Reps
Almost every alumnae year group now has a Form Rep. All Form Reps are listed above and they will help if they can.

Social Media
For information about forthcoming events and to stay in touch follow the Wychwood Association on Facebook – simply search for The Wychwood School Association.

If you wish to follow the School on Facebook and Twitter – search for “Wychwood School”.

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