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I love that we are one big family

Current Pupil

“The whole of the school had a big school sleepover. It was amazing! We just dance, watched a movie and we even had popcorn. The movie we watched was Ice Age. My favourite part of the sleepover was the disco/dance because we all stood on the floor dancing to the music. Some of us got to sleep really late. I hope there is going to be another one soon.”

Current Year 7 Pupil

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“I remember my time at Wychwood with distinct fondness. The close-knit community, quirky culture and the homely feel. A small school meant you really did feel at home. From interhouse netball, form plays and of course the actual schooling, being at Wychwood has shaped me into the person I am today. I hope Wychwood never loses its unique atmosphere.”

Old Girl

“The whole of Remove enjoyed the dance workshop with Andy. We found that it boosted our self-confidence and we learned some cool street dance moves. It was interesting to learn how to dance to the rhythm of the music and that we can do anything if we try!”

Current Year 7 Pupil

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“At Wychwood, we have a WIDE range of sport, one of them being P.E! P.E. stands for Physical Education and is a mixture of amazing sports like, Gymnastics, Dance, Rugby, Netball, and many, many more. I believe everyone who does P.E., enjoys it very, very much!”

Current Year 7 Pupil

“The drama provision is excellent with a very enthusiastic drama teacher and the possibility of studying for LAMDA exams. The school also takes part in Shakespeare for Schools productions each year. Wychwood’s size is an advantage when it comes to drama. One of my daughters had parts in plays that she definitely would not have had in a larger school. The girls are challenged each year to write, produce, and star in the “form play”, with each form producing a play from scratch in a few weeks.

The sports department teaches a valuable lesson – not everyone can win! Girls learn to be realistic about their chances against other schools who are fielding their A team when Wychwood only has one team & individual achievements & performances are celebrated. Again, both my daughters played in teams that they would not have been considered for in a larger school.

Wychwood really gets to know each girl and helps her to achieve academically, socially and develop personally as a caring rounded human being.


The ability to board on an occasional basis is a God-send for busy parents and both girls really enjoyed the atmosphere in the boarding house. My eldest was a weekly boarder for a time with a long train journey at weekends and the pastoral care was excellent, both from teachers and very committed Gap girls.

Wychwood has played a large part in making my girls the wonderful people they are today. Your daughter WILL achieve her full potential at Wychwood, whatever that potential may be.”

Current Parent

“Wychwood is an amazing school. It is caring, positive and very much working with the individual. The staff work closely to bring the best out in every girl. If you’re after after a school that “genuinely cares for each child” and looks at them as an individual, challenging them and finding their true potential then you’ve found it. The Head works amazingly hard and the staff have a very open door policy. The boarding is great and they still have lots of opportunities with theatre trips, foreign trips and sports fixtures.”

Current Parent

What a fantastic place Wychwood is. The smallness of the school suited me down to the ground, you are never a number always a name……

Old Girl