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School Uniform, worn by girls in years 7-11, can be purchased from Stevensons Oxford.
Tel: 01727 815 715/01865 554 559

Ways to Shop:

  • Visit shop or order Online:
  • Telephone: 01865 554 559
  • Name tapes service available.
  • Free delivery of uniform to the school can be arranged.

Parents are reminded to order clothes and name-tapes well in advance of the term for which they are needed.

Everything brought to school must be in good repair and clearly marked with the owner’s initials and family name. Boarders’ clothes and all PE kit are checked at the beginning of term, but unmarked items slip in after weekends at home, during term. It would help the school enormously if you could see that ALL clothes (uniform and mufti) taken to school by both day girls and boarders have labels sewn on where they can be easily identified.

Indoor and outdoor sports shoes should be marked, with indelible ink.

Uniform – Everyday Wear

Provided by Stevensons 
Item (and minimum quantity):
Black tights or black socks
Black Wool jacket x 1
Black, V-neck jumper with school logox 2
Green check skirtx 1
White long-sleeved blouses with school logox 6
Not provided by Stevensons
Girls in Wychwood Sixth do not wear school uniform. They should wear professional dress of their own choice
Dark leather shoes with low heels

PE Uniform

Provided by Stevensons 
Item (and minimum quantity):
Black / Green Hoodie with school logo x 1
Black skortx 1
White / Green sports polo with school logox 2
Black tracksuit bottoms (outdoor PE) x 1
Black leggingsx 1
Green hockey socks
White ankle socks
Not provided by Stevensons 
Indoor trainers non-marking
Outdoor trainerssuitable for astro turf
Mouth guardcan be ordered at school through Opro
Remove (Year 7) and Inters (Year 8) onlyBlack swimming suit / White swimming hat
Swimming towel
Swimming bag
Study (Years 12 and 13) limited PE uniform White / Green sports polo
Black tracksuit bottoms (outdoor PE) or skort


PE Equipment

Hockey stick
Swimming Goggles
Tennis racket (optional, can be borrowed from the school)

Additional information for PE uniform: Pupils must provide a school bag for PE kit. It is advised that the bag can be locked (either combination lock or padlock). All PE items should be named, including socks and trainers.