Principles of
setting prep

Prep assignments are crucial if pupils are to make real and rapid progress in their learning. Skills learned in the classroom can be practised and knowledge consolidated. Learning can be accelerated and reinforced by the use of materials and sources of information not available in the classroom and all topics in the schemes of work can be covered in more detail than would otherwise be possible.

Prep is a major form of assessment and a central means by which the staff can check a pupil’s learning and progress.

Prep allows pupils to develop the practice of working on their own without the constant presence of the teacher or other pupils. It is noticeable that some Remove (Year 7) quickly ask for reassurance and help if a task is set in class but they rapidly develop more independence in supervised, silent prep conditions where they must think and challenge themselves before relying on others. Thus they begin to develop the methods of study essential for success at GCSE, A level and beyond.

Prep gives pupils the important and valuable experience of working to deadlines. It is hoped that they will have established good study habits by the time that they reach coursework assignments for external examinations.

Work in the supervised prep rooms, the library or at home can provide the quiet and more private conditions needed for creative or thoughtful work of all kinds. Day pupils are encouraged to stay for prep so that they can take advantage of the conditions conducive to productive work.

Longer research projects or the building up of sets of notes and personal study materials can be done most effectively in prep time.

Setting of Prep

Prep is set by each subject teacher as appropriate. The Remove (Year 7) have a prep timetable to assist them in their organisation but the onus is on each pupil to do the work that is set and to hand it in on time. In the lower school each pupil should expect to have between 3 and 5 preps a night, and more at the weekend. Each prep will last for 20 to 40 minutes. In the upper School girls are expected to plan and organise their prep in order to complete all work set within the required time frame.


School Prep Times

1st Session: 4.15 – 5.10 pm
2nd Session: 5.30 – 6.40 pm (Monday to Thursday) / 5.30 – 6.30 pm (Friday)

Supervised prep is offered at no additional cost but parents must notify the school in advance so that accurate registers can be maintained to satisfy fire regulations.