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Young Voices

9th January 2020

Dear Parents/ Guardians

I am very much looking forward to taking the girls to the Young Voices performance at the Genting Arena in Birmingham on January 27th 2020. The Wychwood girls will be joining with many other schools to form a massed choir to perform a range of popular songs specially written and arranged for the event. This is an excellent opportunity for students to perform at a prestigious venue, with a much larger choir than they could normally sing in at school. The girls who attended last year had a marvellous day, and found the event to be truly uplifting.

I write to remind you that participants will need to wear black trousers or skirts and a light coloured T-shirt or vest top which can be worn underneath their Young Voices T-shirt. Pupils should bring their school P.E. hoodies, which may be worn until the start of the evening performance. Black shoes must also be worn. Each student must bring a re-fillable water bottle with them, but school will provide food for the day.

We will be leaving to travel to Birmingham by coach at approximately 11.30am on the 27th for a rehearsal before the concert. The evening should be finished by 9.15pm, so we will be arriving back in Oxford at around 11.15pm, depending on traffic. The girls will be asked to contact you as we get close to school to confirm their arrival time. As we will be arriving back at school at a late hour, girls may board overnight if they so wish, at an additional cost of £25 on a first-come, first-served basis. Requests for boarding should be emailed to Mrs Henk at

Tickets for those parents attending the concert have just arrived and will be sent home with your daughters. Please check their bags if they are not delivered! The T-shirts have not yet arrived.

The concert organisers have strongly recommended that all students return to school on the coach after the concert, where their parents can collect them. Please contact Mrs Johnson at if for any reason you must take your daughter straight home from the Genting Arena and please be aware we cannot wait for parents to arrive. We will return to our coach immediately the concert is over as otherwise a very late night is made even later. Any girl who is not collected will be brought back to Wychwood.

A risk assessment has been completed and a copy can be supplied to parents/guardians on request.

Yours sincerely,

Andrea Johnson