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Word Mania

24th October 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As part of our commitment to providing high quality literacy education, your daughter now has access to LiteracyPlanet.

Suitable for children of all abilities, LiteracyPlanet delivers the proven requirements for effective learning in an engaging gamified environment. It is regarded as positive screentime, which can provide girls with a literacy learning experience that is interactive, motivational, rewarding and fun. Your daughter has a personalised avatar and profile; they can earn points, redeemable credits and rewards for participation; they can participate in multi-player games with their classmates in a safe and closed online environment; and earn a coveted place on global leaderboards.  More details can be found online at

We would like to request you to encourage your daughter to practise for Word Mania 2019, an international competition hosted by LiteracyPlanet.

Word Mania is a race against the clock word building challenge. Players are given a board of 15 randomly generated letters, and have three minutes to create as many words as they can. Word building uses various literacy skills: phonemes, morphemes including affixes and plurals, spelling, word recognition, vocabulary and word knowledge.

The first round of the competition starts on Monday 4th November and we are excited to see so many girls practicing at the moment.

All girls in Remove, Inters and Lower Transits have already been registered for the competition and have their own login details.

Girls can access their LiteracyPlanet account and play Word Mania on any internet connected device. Students can simply log in to LiteracyPlanet on desktop and click on the Word Mania icon, or can download the free Word Mania 2019 app (iOS and Android).

During the competition weeks, the ICT Room will be open at lunchtime for students to play Word Mania and I will be providing support for all girls who would like extra practice and word building tips on how to improve their scores.

Wishing you a lovely half term break,

Mrs Legg