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22nd October 2020

Dear UT Parents and Guardians,

Now that your daughter has started her GCSE courses, attainment grades are being issued as a GCSE 9-1 grade in line with the qualification she will receive at the end of the Shell year. On this grading scale a grade 4 is a standard pass grade and a grade 5 is considered a strong pass grade. Details of how the 9-1 grading scale compare with the previous A*-G scale can be found at :

The progress grades your daughter is being given now are not predictions or projections of what will be achieved at the end of the course but rather an indication of performance at the moment. So early in the course, while skills and knowledge are still fairly under developed, students are unlikely to achieve grades at the top of the grading scale. They will however make progress through the course and so their attainment is likely to rise considerably.

In discussing progress grades with your daughter therefore we would ask that you focus on how students are understanding and learning through lessons and independent study and help them think about what they can do to improve this process further. They will have a chance to discuss this with their progress tutors after half term.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns,


Abigail Stacey

Deputy Head Academic