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Teenage Cancer Trust Forum

22nd February 2018

Dear Parent/Guardian,

As part of our PSHEE programme at Wychwood I have invited Teenage Cancer Trust to speak to our girls in the Upper Transits, Shell and Study on 28th February about cancer and health. This forum will run after school from 4.00pm and last around an hour.

Who is the Teenage Cancer Trust?

Teenage Cancer Trust is a national charity dedicated to help young people fight cancer. Teenage Cancer Trust’s national Understanding Cancer Education Programme is recognised by the Government as it raises awareness of cancer which can lead to earlier diagnosis of cancer in the long term.

What information will the presentation include?

The presentation will last for around an hour and is an interactive opportunity for girls to learn about and discuss:

  • What cancer is
  • Common signs and symptoms
  • The impact of cancer on a young person
  • Types of treatment
  • Healthy living

By the end of the presentation all girls should know more about early warning signs and how they can reduce their risk of cancer later in life. Throughout the presentation girls will be encouraged to become the experts of their own body and to speak to health professionals about any concerns.


Who will be delivering the presentation?

The presentation will be given by a trained professional speaker from Teenage Cancer Trust and is delivered in a sensitive way.


‘The presentation was delivered really well. I found the presentation extremely helpful as it has given me much more of an understanding about the warning signs, risks and effects of cancer. It has made me more confident to talk with people about it.’ (A Year 11 pupil)

‘The presentation was truly outstanding. Rarely have I seen a speaker engage youngsters with such a sensitive topic in such a wonderful way. Straight-talking, no nonsense…exactly what they need to know.’ (A teacher)

Why is this important?

Teenage Cancer Trust wants your daughter to have this opportunity to learn about cancer and feel more able to talk openly about their health because it has been proven to make a difference. Please do support this by talking to your daughter about what they have learned and encouraging them to be open about any health concerns they may have. Leaflets will be handed out at the end of the presentation that cover the main points and may be of interest to you.

If you have any further questions or would like more information about the presentation then please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Yours Sincerely

Georgie Troth
PSHEE coordinator