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Take Your Daughter to Work

5th March 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In careers lessons your daughter has been developing an understanding of themselves and the options open to them. They have recently used a career-matching computer program, Fast Tomato, and will soon be interviewing school staff to learn about different career paths and explore what working life can mean. To add to their careers education at Wychwood, we would like to implement Take your Daughters to Work which is a national project to encourage girls to shadow a parent in their workplace to gain some insight into a working day. The earlier a girl acquires some experience of the world of work and the more variety she can experience, the more focused she will be in deciding what sort of a career she will choose herself. Research shows that work-related learning also leads to improved motivation in school.

We suggest that, in liaison with your own employer or if you are self-employed or have personal contacts, your daughter shadows you/a contact for a day over the Easter holiday. The purpose of the work shadowing is for each student to gain insight into working role(s), to consider work activities, to reflect on personal likes and dislikes in that area of work, and to talk to those around them to learn about their career and how it has evolved. There is also a Take your daughter to work plan which is a useful document to help them get the most out of their experience, and plan their presentation. The girls will be prepared for the day over the coming weeks, and on their return will spend time preparing for and then giving a presentation.

I do hope you will look favourably on this request: please can you complete and return the form opposite before the end of this term to confirm what your daughter will be doing.

With many thanks for your help,

Yours sincerely,

Tanya Jarrett