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Study Leave for Shell and Study II

6th February 2018

Dear Shell and Study II Parents and Guardians,

I write to inform you of the arrangements for study leave during this year’s public examinations season. We are expecting all Shell girls to be in school full time until the end of Friday 11th May 2018 and all Study II girls until the end of Friday 25th May 2018.

In rare instances, it is a possible that a girl may have a public examination prior to study leave starting. In this situation, we allow girls preparation time before an afternoon examination: they may work in the library during the morning to focus their minds on the examination to come. Morning examinations do not qualify for preparation time within school time as we would expect girls to be preparing for these during prep time and in the evening prior to the examination.

Once study leave begins girls may remain at home to revise should they wish to do so, but I must emphasise that it is their responsibility to attend all of their examinations. Staff will be in school during lessons as normal and will be available on request to help anyone who requires it. Please will girls give staff at least 24 hours’ notice by email if they expect to attend lessons during study leave.

We need to know exactly who is in or out of school in case of fire or emergency and so all girls on study leave must sign into school on arrival and out of school on leaving. This procedure must be followed whenever a girl comes into school after study leave has started, be it for a lesson, to study in the library or for an examination. The signing in and out lists will be in the School Office.

Girls must be in school at least 15 minutes before the start of any examination.

Once a girl has finished her examinations, she is no longer required to attend school but we would hope that all girls will come back for the final assembly of the term,

Abigail Stacey
Director of Studies