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Study Cultural Trip Summer 2020

6th February 2020

Dear Parents of Shell,

I am writing regarding our plan to offer your daughters a cultural trip to Amsterdam in the Trinity term of this academic year as an introduction to Wychwood Sixth. The trip will be a wonderful opportunity for your daughters to experience a fantastic European city.

We plan to travel on the Eurostar and spend two nights in Amsterdam. The trip will form a major part of the Study I Extension week and, currently, we plan to travel on Sunday 21st June and Tuesday 23rd June, although these dates may move depending on price and ticket availability.

Once we establish how many students are keen to go on the trip I will be able to give you much more definite information on dates, plans and cost. At this point I would estimate cost to be in the region of £450-500.

We are offering this trip to members of Shell who plan to at Wychwood as an introduction to Wychwood Sixth as well as members of Study II who will have completed their exams.

Please could you discuss this opportunity with your daughters and then contact me at the address below, by half-term, to let me know your thoughts so I can begin to make more definite plans. We would then ask for a deposit payment before the end of term and the balance will be added to your Trinity term account.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Kind Regards,

Mark Pennington
Head of Wychwood Sixth