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Sports Day

13th June 2018

Dear Parents / Guardians,

I am writing to invite you to the Wychwood School Sports day on Tuesday 19th June 2018 at the school playing fields. The afternoon will start at 1.15pm and will finish at approximately 3.30pm. Teams will be selected in school before the event, so your daughter will be able to tell you which events she will be competing in. You are welcome to park on the school fields in the allocated area, but this will need to take place before 1.15pm and you must be parked for the entire event. This is to ensure safety for the girls and spectators when events are taking place.

We would love to see you there supporting the girls and you are welcome to bring a picnic or your own refreshments to the afternoon. Can I also ask that spectators keep to the outside of the track, chairs will be provided in a spectators’ area. If you follow signs to Oxford High School and continue right past Oxford High School, the field is at the end of Charlbury Road.

Girls will need to be wearing correct PE kit including their white polo shirt, black skort and appropriate running trainers. Please ensure your daughter also brings suncream and plenty of water for the afternoon as it may be a warm day. Changes due to poor weather will be put  on the website and Facebook as soon as a decision has been made but this will be before 8.00am on Tuesday 19th June.

I look forward to seeing you on the day. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on the email address below.

Yours Sincerely

Miss Francesca Centamore
Director of Sport

Afternoon Programme

1.15pm Start and introduction: Please note that cars will not be able to drive in to the field from this point.

  Remove/ Inters and Study   Lower Transits and Upper Transits
  Track events   Rotating around field events
1.30pm 50m hurdles   Shot Putt
1.40pm 200m   Discus
1.45pm 300m   Javelin
1.50pm  800m   Long Jump
1.55pm Remove and Inters Tug of war   Triple Jump
2.00pm   Study Tug of war    
  Rotating around field events   Track events
  Shot Putt 2.10pm  50m hurdles
  Discus 2:15pm 200m
  Javelin 2:20pm 300m
  Long Jump 2:25pm 800m
  Triple Jump 2:30pm   Lower Transits and Upper Transits Tug of war

2.40pm All students to House supporting areas when not competing



  100m sprints




Study 100m




Remove and Inters 100m




Lower Transits and Upper Transits 100m




Parent with daughter 100m






Staff, Study and Parents 4 x 100m




Remove and Inters 4 x 100m




Lower Transits and Upper Transits 4 x 100m




Study 4 x 100m girls




Staff against Study Tug of war


(Please note these are approximate event times, so please arrive in plenty of time to watch a particular event)

3.20-3.30pm: Presentations and Awards Ceremony

3:30: Girls to walk back to school with form tutors, to be collected from school as normal please. Girls will be registered before leaving to ensure everyone arrives back safely.