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Shell Study Leave

12th March 2020

Dear Shell Parents and Guardians,

I write to inform you of the arrangements for this year’s public examinations period. Due to the extraordinary circumstances we are experiencing this year with Covid-19 these arrangements may well change, but at the moment they are as follows:

In order for pupils to receive the support they need during the build up to the examinations all students are expected to be in lessons if they do not have an examination or preparation time up to half term.

Preparation time is allowed before an afternoon examination. Before half term students are permitted to work in the library or at home during the morning to focus on the examination to come. Morning examinations do not qualify for preparation however as it is anticipated that preparation for these will occur during prep time the previous afternoon.

We need to know exactly who is in and who is out of school at any given time and so parents must inform the school office at if their daughter is opting to stay at home in the morning of an afternoon examination. Normal absence follow up phone calls will be made if we are unsure where a student is.

Students will be permitted to leave school after an afternoon examination has finished but must sign out. Students who arrive or leave school at times other than those of the normal school day will also be required to sign in and out in the office.

For the Shell students’ comfort during the examination period they may wear appropriate home clothes from 11th May 2020 and if they have an afternoon examination they may go to lunch from 12.30pm rather than waiting until 12.50pm.

Students are required to be at all of their examinations at least 15 minutes ahead of time.

Before half term once a student has finished a subject’s examinations in full she may use that lesson time to revise in the library. From half term onwards when a substantial number of courses will have been completed students will not be required to be in school unless they have an examination that day. Once a girl has finished all of her GSCE examinations, she is no longer required to attend school. However all girls MUST remain available for the examination contingency date which is set this year for Wednesday 24th June.

We hope that all girls will come back for the Shell post examination tea on Friday 12th June at 3.00pm as well as the final assembly of the year on Friday 3rd July.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this.

Abigail Stacey
Director of Studies