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25th April 2019

Dear Parents

Wychwood School is committed to the safeguarding of our pupils and therefore the Designated Safeguarding Lead or DSL (Mrs Johnson) and the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead or DDSL (Ms Sherlock) undertake the statutory two-yearly DSL training. All the members of the Senior Pastoral team (SPT: Ms Sherlock, Mrs Kirby and Mr Pennington) are also trained to DSL level. All the other staff and governors undertake the recommended Safeguarding training on entry to the school and they then enter the three yearly re-training cycle. The Study girls are trained with the same materials used for the staff in the Michaelmas term of entry to Study I.

If any parents would like to understand more about the safeguarding training we offer to staff and girls, I would be happy to offer a training session after school towards the end of this term for parents.  Please do indicate interest and the best day to attend at 4.15pm to

Yours sincerely

Andrea Johnson