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Returning Students MIDYIS and ALIS testing letter

1st October 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As a school we work hard to ensure that all of our students make the maximum possible progress in their studies. We monitor this through our regular assessment and reporting procedures, but to gain information about how much progress students make in comparison to other students of their age nationally, we need them to sit a baseline test. This is the MIDYIS assessment for lower school students (Remove – Lower Transits) and  the ALIS assessment for upper school students (Study I and Study II). Students who enter the school between these years may sit the YELLIS assessment. These are online assessments run by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring which allow statistical predictions about GCSE grades and A level grades to be made. This gives us a baseline on which to compare the attainment of our students and a gauge to use in helping us to decide whether a student is performing as expected, better than expected or is in need of further interventions. It also allows us to identify areas of best practice within our teaching and disseminate them throughout the curriculum. Of course, this is only one tool we use in assessing and maximising the progress of our students.

Information gained from these tests will be used internally in school to monitor student attainment and calculate value added progress in subjects. The Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring use data submitted as set out on their web pages  to generate profiles which give information about a student’s potential and progress. Specific data protection details can be found at If your child is new to Wychwood this year you will have already received this information, and if you are a returning student we would like to let you know that we will be running these baseline tests for the next academic year during this first half term. If you would like any further information about these assessments please do not hesitate to contact us at school, and if for any reason you would like to withdraw your daughter from these base line assessments please let the school know in writing before Monday 5th October 2020.

Be assured that students do not need to prepare in any way for these assessments – they are only to give a base line with which to inform future pedagogical methods.

Abigail Stacey

Deputy Head Academic