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Religious Studies visit to Regent’s Park Mosque and St Paul’s Cathedral in London

21st November 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am writing to inform you of a Religious Studies visit that is taking place on Thursday 28th November between 8.45am and 4.30pm/5.00pm for all Upper Transits and Shell. As a part of our GCSE which studies both Christian and Islamic beliefs, we are visiting Regent’s Park Mosque and St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. The visit will include tours of both the mosque and cathedral and talks about both Islam and Christianity. The girls will have the opportunity to ask questions and develop a greater understanding and appreciation of both religions and the important role that they play in people’s lives.

Girls will be required to wear school uniform on that day but in order that arms shoulders and legs are covered as requested by the mosque, girls should wear loose trousers (no tight trousers or leggings) or their school track suit bottoms. The mosque have specified that the modest dress code should be observed and since we will be taken into the main prayer hall where there will be worshippers, girls will be also be expected to cover their heads. Some head coverings will be available but it would be better if your daughter could bring her own headscarf.

The approximate cost of the visit will be £25.

I am sure your daughter will be enriched by this experience.

With best wishes,

Mrs C Crossley
Head of RS