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Prep and Activities: Hilary 2019

10th January 2019

Please find opposite of the activities taking place this term.

Please fill in this form when you have decided on your Activities and Prep and return it to Mrs Henk by Monday 14th January. If you sign up for an activity, you are expected to attend every week. If you will be in school for lessons after 4.00pm please indicate these on the form.

If you are not joining an activity or doing prep in school, please write n/a and still return the form. It is essential that we are aware of any reason for a daygirl to be in School after 4.15pm and that we know where she will be on the school premises, so please indicate what you will be doing in school if it is not on the list below.

Prep will begin on Thursday 9th and activities will begin from Monday 14th January. There will be no Friday Prep on Exeat weekends and no Prep on the last Thursday of term.

Parents: All communication regarding any sort of changes in attendance of a prep or activity session or a lesson must be made to which is a dedicated email account to monitor attendance in school.

First Prep: 4.15 – 5.10pm, Second Prep: 5.25 – 6.40pm (Remove – LTs) 6.45pm (UTs/Shell)

If you stay for prep you must stay for a whole session – 1st, 2nd or both. Girls may not remain on the school premises after 4.15pm without being in prep, an activity, coursework, fixture or a lesson. If in school, their names must be on a register.

Any girl who is not collected by 4.15pm must wait on the sofa in the front hall until her parent arrives. If you wish to stay for an occasional prep session, please email Parent(s) must email or telephone the Office if you are going to miss a prep or activity session.


Astronomy Club
Miss Wiesner, 2nd Prep, Physics Lab
Learn about our galaxy and look at the stars through our telescope! Open to all.

Anais Arroyo and Betty Sek, 1st Prep, Hall
A great opportunity to learn a mix of contemporary and modern dance routines, techniques and disciplines to hone those skills. Open to all.

Inklings Club
Miss Klassen, Scarlet Lopez and Poppy Kay, 1st Prep, Westminster
Come and join Inklings, Wychwood’s creative writing club! You can bring you own stories, poems, prose or anything you would like to share! We will brainstorm ideas and give productive feedback on each other’s work. We will look at writing for comic books, TV scripts, storyboarding for films and performance poetry. Get your pen out and your mind in gear! Open to all.


Art Club
Miss Wiesner, 1st Prep, Art Room
Miss Wiesner will help and encourage you to develop your creative talents – even if you think you don’t have any! There will be group and individual projects – all really good fun! You will get to learn new techniques, use a variety of materials and create masterpieces of art. Feel free to voice ideas on what you would like to do. Open to Remove to UTs.

The Branch
Mr Grier, Olivia Zamora and Poppy Kay, 1st Prep
Wychwood’s very own newspaper! Explore your talents of writing interesting articles and news columns, taking descriptive and exciting photos, editing in order to put together a publication that will go out twice monthly on the web and in printed form. Open to all.

Harry Potter Club
Miss Frame, 2nd Prep, IT Room
Wizard time continues! Harry Potter fans can further enjoy the experience of delving in to the magical ministry that is Harry Potter Club. Open to all


Acapella Choir
Miss Cross, 2nd Prep
The Acapella Choir is a relaxed and fun way of getting involved with singing.  We will be learning and performing pitch perfect style arrangements of pop songs – requests taken! Open to all.

Minimus Mouse Club
Dr Donald, 1st Prep, Psychology Room
This is a club for anyone interested in the Romans and beginners’ Latin. The focus is on a fun introduction to Latin and everything Roman. Although the club is aimed at beginners, feel free to join us if you know some Latin already. Open to all

Mrs Britton, 2nd Prep, Hall
An excellent discipline to train the body and mind – the earlier the better. Open to all.

Zumba Keep Fit Club
Mrs Kirby, 1st Prep, Hall
While the afternoons are still too dark to run, keeping fit will continue to be great fun so sign up for the Zumba class. Open to all.


Drama Club
Mrs Constance, 1st and 2nd Prep, Hall
This term in Drama Club we are focusing on the production of Anne of Green Gables with girls helping in all aspects of the production. This wonderful play will be performed publicly at 7.00pm in the Hall on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th March.

Model United Nations
Mr Siantonas, 1st Prep, Semi Breve
MUN is a fun and constructive way of learning and developing a multitude of different skills as well as giving you the opportunity to compete against many different schools from Oxford and beyond. It is a fantastic way to develop your self-confidence and think on your feet, as well as learn about and discuss current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda. This year we are working on encouraging the girls to challenge each other in a constructive and competitive manner in which they enjoy. It also is a superb extra-curricular activity to put on your university application. Open to all.

Fridays (not on Exeats or Half Term)

1st Prep, Hall

In addition to these activities which take place during Prep time, there are other activities held during lunch time such as:

  • Choir (all welcome)
  • Fitness Club
  • Music Theory
  • Sports practices
  • And many more