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PE Update: Remove-Shell

15th October 2020

PE Update: Remove – Shell

Dear Parents,

I am writing to you with a PE update. We have started the year with a successful term of ‘summer’ sports. All girls have been doing Tennis with the Remove and Inters also doing Athletics. These options have allowed the girls to catch up on the summer sports that they missed during the Trinity term last year. After half term we will be continuing to keep PE lessons outdoors where possible and the girls will be doing a mixture of hockey and football.


Please can you ensure that your daughter has the following compulsory equipment ready for the first week back after half term:

Wychwood green football socks


Mouth guard

Hockey stick *(girls should not expect to borrow a stick and should have their own)

Whilst I would highly recommend a dentist fit mouthguard, a self-mould mouthguard is totally suitable and can also be purchased from Stevensons (or you can buy them online). Please can you ensure your daughter has a case for her mouthguard which is named. We shall be playing on grass and whilst not compulsory, your daughter is encouraged to bring football boots to use for the lesson.

As you will be aware the weather has started to turn colder, and your daughter will have a much more positive PE experience if she is warm and dry. Therefore, I strongly recommend the purchase of the Wychwood PE waterproof, which is fleece lined and has a hood. I have also reminded the girls that they can layer up with either a white or black base layer, underneath their polo shirt should they wish. If your daughter chooses to wear a skort then please can I politely ask that you make sure it is of an appropriate length and fit? It has been noted that following a summer of growth spurts a few girls are wearing skorts that are unsuitably short.


We have recently been having an increase in the number of students with pierced ears who are not comfortable removing their own earrings. To comply with health and safety regulations all jewellery must be removed for PE lessons. Occasionally girls have requested to tape their earrings up, but I want to confirm this is not allowed. The taping of earrings is often not sufficient to prevent the stud post penetrating the bone behind the ear should an unintentional blow be received (e.g. from someone or from equipment such as a ball). If your daughter has her ears pierced please can you ensure she is comfortable taking her earrings out herself, or if not, that she does not wear earrings on the days she has PE. If your daughter wishes to get her ears pierced, then I would really appreciate you plan for this to happen at the beginning of the summer holidays so that they can heal in time before we return to school as she will need to remove them for PE lessons. As a reminder the Wychwood uniform policy states the following regarding jewellery:

Jewellery should be simple – one necklace, no rings or bracelets and we do not expect more than one piercing in the ears. Where there are more, please only wear one discreet pair of earrings to school.


As you know we have not run fixtures this half of term. I have reviewed this decision and we have decided (in line with many local schools) not to run fixtures at all this term. We shall reassess again at Christmas in the hope that we may be able to run some from January onwards.
Any queries or concerns do not hesitate to drop me an email.

Best wishes,

Miss Centamore