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Musical Instrument Insurance

16th January 2020

Dear Parents

Music is a large part of what we value at Wychwood and the girls gain intellectually, culturally and personally from their musical learning. So, we encourage as many girls as possible to take up one or more musical instruments and to play alone and in ensembles.

However, instruments are expensive and I just wanted to remind you as the parent of a Wychwood musician that the girls’ own musical instruments require insurance coverage as they are not covered by the school insurance policy. The advice given to me is that specialist musical policies are the best, rather than opting for coverage under a home insurance policy, as instruments are not always covered under home insurance policies unless they are specifically mentioned and valued. We are not allowed to make recommendations as to which policy you might adopt but please may I ask all of you to ensure that your daughter’s musical instruments are covered with appropriate insurance.

Yours sincerely
Andrea Johnson