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Lower School Assessments

8th November 2018

Dear Remove – Lower Transit Parents and Guardians,

You will be aware from the calendar that we will be conducting the lower school assessments next week. These are a set of internal assessments so we can have a clear picture of the level of knowledge and understanding of the pupils in each of their subjects. Teachers use this information to help inform their future planning and as a starting point for measuring progress this year. They will highlight areas girls understand well and topics which may need recapping or skills which may need practising further.

Assessment is part of normal everyday teaching and so these assessments are nothing for pupils to worry about. They will have been told in lessons what to review and revise in preparation for them and they should use this opportunity to try out revision techniques.

Please re-iterate the message they are receiving at school about these assessments. They should as always try their best, but worrying about them is really a waste of time. The outcomes of the assessments simply allow us to teach them better and help them develop as learners.

As always feel free to contact us as school if you have any questions or concerns about anything,

Abigail Stacey
Director of Studies