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Learning during lockdown

15th January 2021

Blended Learning during the covid-19 pandemic

For situations such as the present covid-19 pandemic Wychwood, Oxford employs a blended learning approach in which students have access to lessons both face to face and virtually. This document gives information about the systems the school has put in place to help students continue with their education if they have to be away from the classroom during this time.

What happens in the case of a national lock down school closure?

If the school is closed because of national lockdown lessons are provided virtually. All pupils join online lessons using their Office 365 Microsoft account. Lessons are conducted using Microsoft Teams according to the protocols and procedures set down in the school’s on line learning policies. These are available as links at the bottom of this document.

Pupils on site during this time, because they fall into one of the categories the school remains open for, either attend face to face lessons concurrently with their classmates joining virtually, or else they are supervised at school while they also join the lesson virtually.

What happens if the school is open for all pupils, but a pupil cannot attend school for a covid-19 related reason?

If a pupil cannot attend school for a covid-19 related reason but the school is open for all students and the pupil is well enough to join lessons, parents must inform the school that that pupil needs to join lessons remotely. They will then be able to join the lesson as a concurrent learner.

If a pupil has to be away from school for a covid-19 related reason how do they know what is happening on a day to day basis?

Every day a student must work remotely they should log into the Remote Learning Folder (RLF) at 8.30am. This is a document shared with them on one drive and they can access it via their Office 365 school Microsoft account. It is updated by their teachers with details about each of their lessons, form times etc that day. It details what will be happening in each of their lessons for that day.  This will help them be prepared for everything they will be doing that day.

Where should pupils do their work when they are away from school and how will they receive feedback on it

Each subject uses the method for collecting student work which is most appropriate for that subject. In most cases this involves students working in their Microsoft Office 365 Class notebooks. These are digital notebooks with a content section where teachers upload worksheets, files and class materials, a collaboration space where students can work together when directed to do so by the teacher, and an individual pupil work section where their teacher can view, edit and mark their work.

What if a pupil misses a virtual lesson and needs to catch up?

All lessons involving a virtual element are recorded using Office 365 Microsoft Teams. Recordings of these on line lessons are saved on their Office 365 Microsoft Teams thread and can be viewed by all students in that class directly from the Microsoft Teams thread, or from the Office 365 Microsoft office Stream app.  In addition to the live on line lesson, teachers may often have also set alternative work in the class notebook which can be carried out without being present in the lesson. Where this is the case, details are given on the RLF.

How will a pupil stay in contact with their form tutor and progress tutor if they are away from school for covid-19 reasons?

Form groups meet for registration every morning and afternoon via Office 365 Microsoft teams and smaller progress groups meet once a week via Office 365 Microsoft office. These regular points of contact allow pupils to ask questions if they are unsure about anything as well as staying in contact with the other pupils in their form.

How does a pupil access the office 365 Microsoft Teams, Class notebooks and RLF?

Details of how to access each of these applications is given in the help sheets.

Click here for the links to these help sheets

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