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Inters Geography Field work

2nd May 2019

Dear Parents

During the Trinity Term, the Inters will be looking at River Studies. To that end I would like to take them to Buscot Park, just outside of Faringdon. There is a fantastic stretch of river in the National Trust Parkland that is manageable to study in one day, and will provide us with some interesting results to analyse once back in the classroom. The trip will go on Monday 13th May and last all day.

Whilst there, we will be looking and measuring the characteristics of the river, including width, depth, pebble roundness, and velocity. Could I ask that clothing that can get wet and muddy without damage is worn (PE kit and waterproofs would be perfect), and if you have wellington boots at home that these are also brought.

Please be assured, that the bit of the river that we are looking at is far from a raging torrent and will not go above boot height!

A risk assessment has been carried out and is available for parents to see should they wish to do so.

With kind regards

Mr Humphreys