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Intermediate Youth Speaks Zone Final

31st January 2019

Dear Parents,

As Mabel, Tillie and Alishba did so well in their first round of Intermediate Youth Speaks at Rye St Antony, we face the next round of competition at the Zone Final in Witney next week, on Thursday 7th February 2019. The venue is Witney Congregational Church at 4 Welch Way, OX28 6JF (phone 01993 709992).  It is just along from the Halifax in Witney.  This map also shows car parking options.

There are choices of parking nearby with the multi storey car park at Marriotts Walk. and parking at the Woolgate Centre

The event is scheduled with arrival from 6.30pm for a prompt start at 7.00pm and then we hear the winning round 1 teams from within the zone at intermediate and senior level. The event is usually finished by around 9.00pm but obviously this depends on numbers of teams and judging times.

Your support as ever is encouraged and valued and it would be lovely if you could join us for the event. As for the first round, please could you let me know how your daughters will be collected in a return email.  The options are:

1.    I/We will be attending and will take our daughter(s) home from Witney directly.

2.    I/We are not attending but will pick up our daughter(s) from Witney at around 9.00pm (my daughter will text me in the interval and give an approximate finish time).

3.    I/We are not attending but will pick up our daughter(s) from Wychwood (my daughter will text on the way back from Witney).

We have begun rehearsals again around other commitments this week.  I will drive the team next Thursday and we will leave for the competition at 5.15pm on Thursday evening as the traffic to Witney will be busy. We may get there very early, but if so we will go to a café together and I will get them a hot drink. If the girls want to bring an early supper they would be very welcome to eat in the car on the way. As Tillie is a boarder we will provide a supper. This seems the best way for them to be refreshed in advance of competing. Obviously if there are other preferred arrangements for getting to Witney or arranging supper, do let me know. It is good to try to keep the team together for the bonding effect it has on their performance.

Many thanks for your support

Bridget Sherlock