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Heart Felt Tips Charity Appeal

8th October 2019

Dear Parents,

Our Thought for the Week last week considered inequality through the challenging aphorism: ‘all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others’. During Thursday’s assembly an appeal was launched to support a local charity, with personal connections to Wychwood, called Heart Felt Tips. (

This charity very simply encourages children to recycle or purchase stationery that will fit into a pencil case provided for them.  This will then be given to a child who is unable to afford a pencil case and stationery.

In assembly, we followed a case study of a school that had banned pencil cases because of the inequality they brought to the school and we learned that there are schools in our local Oxford area that have done the same.

To consider a pencil case and stationery as a privilege seems an extraordinary thing and the girls’ enthusiasm to fill pencil cases for Heart Felt Tips following the assembly has been very moving and encouraging. Some have very enthusiastically asked to fill more than one!

For your information, the girls have been asked to volunteer to fill a small pencil case provided for them (and more than one if they like) with new or recycled good quality stationery that they may have at home.  The website suggests they:

‘…try and include some colours (felt tips or crayons), a pencil, pen, a small ruler, rubber and sharpener. Any other goodies (paperclips, glue, highlighters, stickers etc) would also be gratefully received.’

It also asks that we please ‘do not donate blunt or broken stationery, sweets or sharp items.’

The website explains that ‘the pencil cases are distributed via food banks and children’s charities to local deserving children. If you would like to suggest a worthy cause with a closer connection to Wychwood, please do be in touch to this effect.

We hope to have empty pencil cases to the girls as soon as we know definitive pledged numbers and we will be accepting filled pencil cases throughout the term so that we can display them at the Christmas Fair.

Please contact me at  if you would like more pencil cases than your daughter has initially pledged. Thank you in advance for your support.

Ms B Sherlock
Deputy Head