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GCSE Music day at Abingdon School

26th September 2019

Dear Parents/ Guardians

I am delighted to inform you that girls in the Upper Transits and Shell who study GCSE music will be attending a GCSE music day at Abingdon School on Thursday 10th October. This will include an open orchestra rehearsal with the ‘Instruments of Time and Truth’ orchestra, participation in a Baroque era and instruments workshop, a focus session on the GCSE set works ‘Music for a While’ and ‘Brandenburg Concerto No. 5’, participation in a Baroque choral workshop, and an informal concert at the end of the day.

The cost of participating in the event is expected to be no more than £20, which includes the cost of the ticket and transport. All charges for the event will be added to your school bill.

Pupils must wear school uniform to the event. Girls will need to bring a re-fillable water bottle with them, but Abingdon School will provide lunch.

We will be leaving to travel to Abingdon by car at 8.30am on the 10th, and should arrive back at Wychwood at approximately 4.15pm.

A risk assessment is being carried out by me, to be confirmed by the Head, of potential risk during the visit. A copy of the risk assessment can be supplied to parents/guardians on request.

If you wish your daughter to participate in the conference, please complete and return the form opposite by Friday 4th October. If you have any queries or further questions about the trip, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The personal data collected by responding to this letter will be used to ensure that the trip occurs efficiently and safely. Relevant information will be given to Abingdon School to enable them to organise the workshops and for catering.  The data will not be used for any other purposes and will be subject to secure disposal after the need to use it is over.

Yours sincerely

Mrs B Walster
Director of Music