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5th July 2018

Dear Parents,

My name is Noel Rainbird and I am mother to Phoebe, currently in Lower Transits.

I am also the incoming Chair of the Friends of Wychwood (FoW,) taking over from Kate Lagden as her girls leave Wychwood. My first task is to give very many thanks to Kate for all that she has done. She has been a great Chair, leading us with enthusiasm and energy, and we will really miss her.

Many thanks also to Teresa Allen who is stepping down as Treasurer after 5 years and Deborah Evelyn, who has been our Secretary for several years. Both of them have given much valued time and energy to the FoW, for which we are very grateful.

Jilly Hilton is also stepping down as Form Rep for those currently in Upper Transits and, as I am now Chair, I am stepping down as Form Rep for the Lower Transits. Jilly wrote the hugely successful recent quiz, as well as creating the Scavenger Hunt last year, which was great fun, despite the weather! We will sorely miss her creative spark and willingness to take on such projects.

FoW relies completely on volunteers, and we have benefitted enormously from all that Kate, Teresa, Deborah and Jilly have had to offer. Many, many thanks to them all.

All these changes mean that we now have several roles to fill come September so that we have a fully functioning and productive committee. Believe it or not, we are already thinking about the Christmas Fair..!

From September several year groups are without a Form Rep, and we are for looking willing volunteers. Being a Form Rep is not a hugely onerous role: we ask that you come to committee meetings, usually twice a term, and that you communicate with your year about FoW matters. You will be asked to be more involved in organising at least one FoW event over the year, and you are very welcome do more if you are willing. You would normally take on this role for 2 years.

We will be looking for Form Reps for those currently in Lower Transis, Upper Transits and Shell, next year’s Upper Transits, Shell and Study I.

We will also be in contact with all new parents for a volunteer to represent the new Remove.

Form Rep job shares are also possible!

We welcome additional people who are willing to join the committee and take a more active role in organising FoW events, but without being a Form Rep. Again, this isn’t too onerous. A smaller ‘sub-committee’ is put together to organise an event, and we make sure that a different group of people are involved in subsequent events. We fully recognise we are all very busy, and are limited in how much extra we can take on. We will need a new Secretary, and this can be someone who is also a Form Rep, or somebody who would prefer not to have that role.

Siobhan Foley is our new Treasurer, and is also in charge of the second hand uniform sales (SHUS.)

We are very grateful she is able to take them both on, and I hope you have registered the new monthly uniform sales which happen on the last Friday of every month.

Sales have been so good lately that we need more uniform! Please do bring us anything you would like to sell on, especially those of you who are leaving the school. All uniform needs to be in reasonable, sellable condition, washed and with name labels removed. You can contact Siobhan directly on or leave uniform in the school office for collection. Please remember to download and print the form on the Uniform page  if you would like to keep 50% of the sale price, rather than donating all of it to FoW.

Please do consider joining us, in any capacity!

Helping the school support our girls as best they can is inherently worthwhile in itself. On top of this, you will get to know more parents than you otherwise would, and we do have a lot fun along the way.

I will be in touch again at the beginning of the academic year, but if anyone is keen now and would like to know more, please do be in touch.

The email address is

Many thanks