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Examination Results and September Resits

5th July 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

All examinations, both internal and external, have now finished and the students are looking forward to their summer holidays.

We are therefore writing with a few pieces of useful information relating to the reporting of examination results:

1-9 Grading system for GCSE

This summer almost all of the GCSE courses studied at Wychwood will have moved over to the new 1-9 grading system. This replaces the old A*-G system and allows for greater differentiation between the highest grades. Whilst we cannot say exactly which grades in the old system are equivalent to which grades in the new system, Ofqual have published a useful chart showing broadly how the systems will compare with one another. This can be found at

In the new 1-9 system, a grade 4 is considered a pass and a 5 is considered a strong pass.

Students who receive external examination results in August may still receive a mixture of A*-G grades for some subjects and 1-9 grades for other subjects if not all of their subjects have yet been moved onto the new system.

Students who have sat internal examinations in the Upper Transits will have 1-9 grades showing on their reports. This is an estimate of the GCSE grade to which their examination result was equivalent. These are still in almost all cases very tentative estimates since this summer’s cohort is the first to experience the new 1-9 grading system in most subjects.

Trilogy Science (the GCSE course in which students study all three sciences, but each with less content than the separate physics, chemistry, and biology GCSEs) results in two GCSEs being awarded and therefore two grades being issued. These will be either the same or adjacent to one another with the higher one being stated first e.g. 6,5. More guidance from Ofqual about these grades can be found at

September resits

Internal school examinations are valuable practice for sitting GCSEs and A Levels. They allow the students to experience having to revise and retain a great deal of information and then use it in a formal examination situation. When students underperform it is often extremely beneficial to resit an equivalent paper after time for further consolidation. It gives the student a focus for reviewing material and it allows a confidence boost once the student has shown that they are capable of achieving well. Where staff feel it would be beneficial for a student to resit one of their examinations they will have already discussed this with them. These resit examinations will be held during prep time in the first week back of the Michaelmas term. If your daughter resits an examination you will be informed of the result in September.

If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Yours sincerely

Abigail Stacey
Director of Studies