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Conference at Warwick University

1st November 2018

Dear Parents,

I have booked tickets for ‘An Inspirational Day of KS5 mathematics at Warwick University’ on 14th November 2018, 10.00am – 3.00pm.

The day is advertised as having wickedly good speakers with a passion for what is without doubt the best subject of all (maths). The girls will have the opportunity to meet a crack team of mathematicians, engineers, statisticians, architects, code-breakers, data scientists and more for the ultimate educational experience. There will be talks on ‘the 12 days of Christmaths’ how to build a 1000mph car, financial wizards, topology and data as well as ‘is the drug safe? Further information acan be found at

The girls will leave school at 8.15am and should return to school by 4.15pm. We will be travelling in the school minibus and I will be accompanying them for the full day. The cost will be approximately £49 for ticket and travel. We will provide a packed lunch and cold drinks.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Belinda Stevens
Head of Mathematics