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Concurrent Learning

22nd October 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians of Remove, Inters and Lower Transit Students,

We have now been able to successfully implement concurrent learning in a range of subjects in the upper school. Concurrent learning involves lessons in which face to face learners and virtual learners are present in the same lesson at the same time. This means that where a student has been unable to be on site for covid-19 related reasons we have been able in many cases to run live lessons for them in which they can interact with the teacher and their class mates virtually.

Concurrent lessons involve a simultaneous TEAMS lesson being run alongside the regular classroom lesson. This online lesson is recorded in line with the Wychwood online learning guidelines issued at the start of the academic year.

As we have already seen in the upper school concurrent learning has a great deal of potential in terms of providing continuing education for students if they have to be away from school for an extended period of time and so we would ideally like to expand this possibility to the lower school classes as we increase and improve our IT provision.

If you have any objection to your daughter being part of a concurrent lesson either as a face to face learner or as a virtual learner, we ask that you contact us before 2nd November 2020 to let us know.

Whilst we are developing this system and increasing and improving our IT resources in individual classrooms we ask for your patience and feedback with this mode of learning. As always if you have any questions or concerns about this do contact us for further information.

Abigail Stacey

Deputy Head Academic