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Chemistry Conference: Elements of Everything

7th November 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

On Thursday 14th November Wychwood will host a Youth Chemistry Conference in celebration of the International Year of the Periodic Table. This is supported through an outreach grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry. Students from Years 10-13 have been invited to submit a talk, paper or poster on a chemical element and we are pleased to welcome conference contributors from both Wychwood and a few others in the county. As well as student speakers we are expecting adult speakers from Oxford University, the Faraday Institute and the UK Atomic Energy Authority who will also deliver presentations for the students.

We would like to document the day and this may include taking video footage or pictures for publicity materials. If you do not wish your daughter to appear in these please let us know and we will avoid using any pictures containing them.

Students in the Upper Transits and Shell do not need to wear school uniform that day to mimic better the atmosphere of an academic conference.

We will leave any poster exhibits and talk materials up in the hall for your perusal after the conference from about 3.30pm onwards. Do pop in to see them if you are picking up your daughter that day.

Thank you for encouraging your daughters to participate.

Abigail Stacey