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Mission Statement

We aim to provide education of the highest quality in a well-rounded and happy environment; our small size and family atmosphere allow us to achieve the best possible outcome for each individual girl without intense pressure.

We are deeply committed to producing young people with integrity, a strong sense of self-worth, independence of thought, and the confidence to build careers and personal lives that will do them great credit.

Inspection Report and Welfare of Pupils

ISI (The Independent Schools’ Inspectorate) undertakes rigorous inspection of schools at regular intervals and Wychwood’s last inspection was in November 2018. A copy of the report is available on request from the school or may be viewed on the ISI website.

The Boarding inspection aspect of the ISI report relates to the National Minimum Standards for Boarding, which covers the full range of welfare, health and safety and policy issues. If any parents wish to know more they are welcome to contact the Headmistress or the Helpline at Ofsted on: 0300 123 1231.

Click here to view the latest Inspection report (2018)