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Catherine Collcutt

Wychwood Staff Catherine

Head of MFL, Year 10 Form Tutor and Progress Tutor >

Educational background: Educated in France

Favourite thing about Wychwood: The friendliness of girls and staff

Interests outside of school: Reading, cooking, archaeology

Other Staff

Governing Body >

Andrea Johnson

Headmistress and Chemistry Teacher >

Bridget Sherlock

Deputy Head, Head of English, Year 13 Form Teacher, Study Progress, SPT Leader, UCAS (English / humanities) >

Jo Bettridge

EAL Teacher, EAL entrance tests and timetables >

Julia Bridge

Office Manager >

Mary Bridgman

Textiles Teacher, Health and Safety >

Katherine Britton

Biology Teacher >

Francesca Centamore

Director of Sport, Year 11 Form Tutor and Progress Tutor >

Catherine Collcutt

Head of MFL, Year 10 Form Tutor and Progress Tutor >

Mandy Constance

Drama Teacher, External Exams Officer, LAMDA Teacher, Drama Club >

Christine Crossley

Head of Religious Studies, Teacher of Lower School History; The Lee Club; Thought for the Week and Assemblies >

Elaine Dean

Teacher of English >