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Lesley Henk, Senior Housemistress

Wychwood Housemistresses

Having spent the majority of my life overseas, I returned to England in September 2007 to join Wychwood School as Housemistress. I was warmly welcomed in to the Wychwood family and, in turn, it is my aim to provide a reassuring and responsive figure that the girls can relate to outside of their academic life.

I was born in Sri Lanka, which was my home until I was 18. However, I attended both preparatory and secondary boarding schools in England and had a marvellous time. After working for a few years in London, I joined my family in the Sultanate of Oman where I spent 6 years and met my husband who was in the hotel business. Over the next few years, we lived and worked in Bahrain, London, Manila and Beijing, ending up back in Colombo. During this time, we had two sons, the elder born in London and the younger born in Manila. They both attended boarding school in Dublin and I relied heavily on the excellent pastoral care they received from their housemaster and teachers to see them through the ups and downs that affected their teenage lives.

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Anna Frame, Junior Housemistress


I joined Wychwood as the Junior Housemistress in November and I am delighted to be here. Before I came to Wychwood, I was previously a housemistress at Tudor Hall, Langley, and Royal Albert and Alexandra School. As the housemistress I want the girls to feel safe and secure and to help them grow and develop as individuals, as well as allow them to make mistakes from which they can learn. Being away from home can be daunting but I hope I can help make it enjoyable and educational filled with lots of happy memories.

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