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The Library

Wychwood School Library is not just a room that houses books. It is a vibrant, organic place of learning, integrated in and supporting the curriculum across the whole school community.

What is the Library like?

There are two rooms; the reference and non-fiction library and a well stocked fiction library, which is growing vigorously. Many thousands of non-fiction books cover both the subjects taught throughout the school, and leisure or outside interests. The fiction library reflects the flourishing trend of children’s literature with a constant flow of new titles many of which have been purchased through student requests.

The Library is stocked with a range of newspapers, namely The Times, ‘i’, The Daily Mail, The Oxford Times and First News; periodicals; brochures; magazines and subject journals. Many of these have been recommended or requested by the various departments and support the curriculum.

We also have a stock of audio books, CD Roms, CDs and DVDs available for loan from the librarian.

There are 20 study spaces for quiet individual study, an area with soft chairs for reading and group discussion. There are two designated areas within the library for computers with four networked terminals connected to laser printers and a high speed WiFi access point for laptop users.

What happens in the Library?

The Library provides resources to support teaching and learning within the school and seeks to promote reading. The Librarian maintains close links with subject departments to ensure that they have relevant book stocks to support subject areas. Teachers may book parts of the library for subject classes coming to the library for research lessons, careers research or individual tutorials. The Librarian is also happy to make up a collection of books in resource boxes, which teachers can use either in the classroom or in the library.

Wychwood girls come to the library to spend their free lessons when they will do homework, research or revision using the facilities as required. The librarian is at hand to provide support and advice if necessary.

The Remove (Year 7) come to the library for a library lesson every week and follow a programme of progressive library and information skills to become familiar with how the library works and how to find information.

Book Buzz

Every girl entering the school in Remove (Year 7) is given a free fiction book. This is organised by the Book Buzz team.

The Library keeps copies of the books that are available, which the girls are able to browse through before they make their selection. The order is placed at the beginning of October and the eagerly anticipated books arrive in November.


Throughout the library there are colourful, changing, cross curricular displays, aimed at raising interest and whetting appetites. Using a combination of books, AV material, posters and artefacts a selected topic is highlighted and given renewed focus.

World Book Day

Every March we celebrate World Book Day with writing competitions, book sales and visiting authors giving talks and leading workshops. The events are coordinated by the Librarian and the English Department and the whole school is encouraged to take part in the celebrations.

2017: Visiting Author: Julie Hearn

2016: Writing competition: A spine-chilling saga in 100 words
Visiting Author: Maya Mirza-Gill

2015: Writing competition: Mini Monologues
Visiting Author: A.F. Harrold

Services we offer

Our Library catalogue is accessible on the school computers.

Comments, queries or purchase suggestions to the Librarian can be noted in ‘The Communications Book’ and Mrs Evans will respond as quickly as possible.

The Library is open every day from 8am – 9.30pm and its resources are available to everyone who lives, works or studies at Wychwood.