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In Remove (Year 7) the girls spend a day off timetable in Trinity term playing the ‘Make it Real Game’.  Here they assume the life/work roles of a simulated community and work together to make it a success.

In the Inters (Year 8) the girls start the year by looking at themselves and the skills that they already have and those that they are going to develop.  Careers education isn’t simply looking at ‘jobs’ but about developing self awareness, confidence and self esteem.  Understanding their ‘identity mix’ will help them to develop a career path that they will enjoy and that will allow them to grow.  Careers lessons are taught in an engaging and interactive manner through discussions, role plays and research.  Girls are encouraged from their first lesson to share their experiences and to ask questions.

In the Hilary term girls play The Real Game. Each member of the group is randomly assigned a job. They then spend their lessons in costume learning about salary, budgeting, leisure time, how to cope with redundancy and CV writing and transferable skills within their role.

In Lower Transits (Year 9)  girls continue to look at self development and finding out about careers and the world of work. They consider what makes people happy in their place of work and what skills and attributes are needed for different occupations. Near to the time when girls have to select their GCSE subject choices, time is spent using a variety of careers based applications, looking at which subjects are useful for certain roles.

In UTS and Shell, careers education is continues through a variety of forums.  These are tailored to what the girls feel is important to them and what is thought to be useful as they consider the next stage in their education.

Work Experience

The experience of ‘going to work’ is invaluable.  All girls undertake a week of work experience in October when in Shell (Year 11). With guidance they organise their own placements which involves contacting employers, writing introductory letters and creating their own CV. On their return they all give presentations to each other, parents and teachers. This is always an engaging and interesting evening and is organised jointly with the English department.  The girls are able to practise their communication skills as well as to learn from each others’ experiences at work.

Careers Advice

At each stage of their lives girls have access to advice from the careers teacher, on line careers guidance packages and resources from a well stocked dedicated careers library  In Study I and II the girls also have the opportunity to have a careers interview with a professional independent careers consultant.  These are one to one interviews and guidance is tailored to each girl and their needs and interests.

Students are helped to make their applications to university by the Study (Sixth Form) tutors who give them several one to one interviews about their choices and to discuss the writing of their personal statements. Outside careers professionals can also be consulted at this stage as required.

Mrs T Jarrett BA (Hons) PGCE